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Military-grade surge protection and built-to-spec cable and harness assemblies

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Our high-quality surge protection solutions can protect even the most sensitive equipment against the damaging effects transients caused by direct lightning strikes and other electrical surges, helping to prevent costly repairs and downtimes.

ATS produces a wide variety of cable assemblies tailored to meet your needs. We can provide rugged, environmentally sealed assemblies for use in harsh environments.

At our ISO 9001:2015 Certified facilities, we are capable of accomplishing any task you require to meet your custom specifications.

Drafting · Stripping · Crimping · Heat-Shrinking · Soldering · Stress-Testing

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Custom Products

We provide engineering support for cable and harness development and custom surge products.

Engineering Support

Need help developing a special project? Our team of experienced engineers can help!

Installation Support

Our skilled technicians are capable of providing support for your product installations.

Made in America

All of our products are proudly produced in the USA.

Surge Protection

We offer a variety of powerful surge protectors for all situations.

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Cables & Harnesses

We offer custom, build-to-print military, automotive, medical and commercial cables utilizing state of the art assembly tools, built to IPC and ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our experienced team of technicians and engineers will work closely with you to help design, source, build and test the product that suits your needs. ATS offers high quality cables and harnesses at competitive pricing with typically fast delivery.

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Mil-Circ 8 AWG Cable
Mil-Circ to NEMA 10 AWG Cable
UPS cable, Nato lave to Mil-Circ
Coax Cable
Bifurcated D-Sub Harness
Cat5 Ethernet Cable
Video Cable with Locking RCA Connectors
Mil-Circ to Mil-Circ Cable
Motorcycle Harness
Audio Connector to Mil-Circ
2/0 AWG Ground Cable

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